Millennial Sheetcakes Bankrupt Recognition Banquet

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by Irma Pelt
Senior Staff Writer

The Office of Student Engagement at Malple College submitted an emergency funding request to the state legislature for their annual awards banquet in May.

\”I had it all figured out,\” said Dora Creamer, Coordinator of Student Engagement. \”My grad and I crunched the numbers over and over again to make sure we could afford all of the plaques and certificates we needed this year.\”


What Creamer failed to consider were the feelings of the hundreds of Millennial students at Malple who are involved in student organizations.

\”In the past we\’ve given out, like, fifteen awards. You know, the usual awards like most improved club and best community service event,\” said Creamer.

The funding request submitted to the state outlines costs associated with providing small trophy statuettes to every Malple student who participated in a student organization.

\”Participation is being defined really inclusively,\” said Felix Masterson, president of Malple\’s student government. \”Basically if you signed up to get information from an org at the fall involvement fair, that counts.\”

If the emergency funding request is approved, more than 600 students will be recognized at the banquet for their involvement and leadership.

\”I think it\’s great,\” said Kaley Laven, a freshman who spent most of her first year shopping Sephora online and pricing flights to visit her boyfriend at his college in Colorado. Laven attended one meeting of the fashion merchandising club in August.

\”I\’m totally inviting my parents to this banquet,\” said Laven. \”They\’re going to be so proud of me for this.\”

In addition to the state funding for trophies, Creamer is seeking private donors to cover the costs of the estimated 62 additional sheet cakes and 30 gallons of punch that will be required for the event.