Save the Conference Date: Alcohol & Addictions Association Assembly

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Mark your calendars for the 2010 AA-AA Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This year, our theme is Spring Break Weekend and we aim to take every bit of your stress away.

“Spring Break Weekend” Program Highlights

Day 1:


Noon: Mimosas and Motivation

Join our keynote speaker, famed college basketball coach Rick Pittino, as he shares stories of dumb things he did when he was drunk. He is the epitome of a happy ending, having survived scandal and humiliation and laughed all the way to the bank.

3:00: Happy Hour and Hangover Responsibility

Practice techniques you can teach students to prevent vomiting, hangovers, and other behaviors that lead to community disruptions.

7:00: “We Can Have Fun Without Drinking” Dinner/Casino Cruise

While you don\’t have to preach abstinence in order to promote responsible drinking, it\’s great to role model use of non-chemical sources of entertainment. Fun activities like gambling can take your mind off the temptations of alcohol.

Day 2

Noon: Design Your Own Day

At past conferences, we found that participants slept through all of the morning session on Day 2, and whined about the afternoon workshops. We listened to that feedback, and designed the program so you can write your own itinerary for the rest of the convention.

We\’ll leave the bar open for plenty of those “What would our students say if they saw us here?” conversations that we enjoy so much during these retreats.