Administrative Meeting Championed as Triumph of Efficiency

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by Earl. J Liffey.

The student affairs staff meeting at the University of Connelly Springs is being celebrated as a triumph of efficiency. Despite being nearly four hours long and crossing over into typical lunch breaks, the staff didn’t even notice.

“Wait, it’s lunch already?” said Associate Director of Student Affairs, Gloria Stevens as she glanced at the clock after leaving the meeting.

Assistant Director of Residence Education, Leah Stefano echoed the sentiment. “My Blackberry went off at least ten times, but I didn’t want to check it because I was afraid I would miss something.”

CronkNews was able to obtain a copy of the agenda from one of the happy participants. The staff visited previously tabled topics including:

  • a schedule for the next year\’s meetings, and decisions about snack responsibilities
  • twelve proposals for design of a calendar
  • a lengthy discussion of marketing for an upcoming concert (editor\’s note: CronkNews has since learned that the concert was cancelled shortly after the meeting), and
  • a decision to name the biannual staff celebration the “end of term” and “beginning of term” celebrations.

The staff was also able to create a monthly birthday celebration committee and provide multiple suggestions for acceptable celebrations that the committee could oversee.

Historically, staff meetings at the University of Connelly Springs have not been as efficient. A search through the archives of their staff newsletter “The Happy Turtle” (their mascot is a turtle) revealed minutes of a staff meeting just this fall during which the only topic of discussion was “lunch food” before the supervisor had to run to another meeting.

The remarkable change was apparently a result of a “Leadership University” course offered by the University to help middle managers to improve their supervisory skills. The first session, “Leading Outstanding Meetings,” took place on December 12. Department director Jim Bardner called the session “life changing…Not only that, the bagels were great,” he said.

It’s too early to tell whether this newfound change in meetings will change the culture at the University of Connelly Springs, but today, there are plenty of happy turtles running around the student affairs office.