Producers of Admissions Brochures Win Multicultural Peace Prize

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The American College Admissions Brochure Producers won the prestigious International Multicultural Peace Prize yesterday for promoting an idealistic vision of university life in the United States.

It\’s amazing to be recognized for something we often do without thought,” said Sara Griere, marketing director for Thousand Islands University. “But when we say to photographers \’Get us two white students, an African American, an oriental and one slightly effeminate guy,\’ we are really giving the public a profound sense of global unity.”

We can take a campus that\’s 95% caucasian, and make people believe we\’re the United Nations,” added Marlie Simpson, enrollment manager at Robertson Union. “We do it because it\’s the right thing to do, but it\’s awesome to win shiny awards, too.”

Here are some of the colleges whose commitment to depicting an image of friendly multiculturalism earned recognition this year:

Herkimer Community College

Chesapeake College

Magdalen College received zero votes for their efforts to depict the values of the Multicultural Peace Prize, but they have made the final round of interviews for the Honesty in Slightly Awkward Mostly White College Promotions awards this spring.