Bipolar College Student Misdiagnosed as Art Major

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by Leah Wescott

bipolarPsychiatrists apologized this week for failing to correctly identify college sophomore Janet Szak’s bipolar disorder. An accurate diagnosis was not made until Szak was admitted to St. Bingham’s Hospital following a violent outburst in her college math class.

“Janet came to see us to talk about her mood swings a few months ago,” said Dr. David Hamadimijon. “We misunderstood when she told us she was studying liberal arts. We thought she said she was liberal and an art major, which would have explained the disproportionate amount of drama in her life.”

“We almost didn’t catch it this time either,” said a consulting doctor. “Math freak outs are often an identifying symptom in an art major diagnosis.”

Szak’s family has said they do not intend to sue the doctors. “We appreciated Dr. Hamadimijon’s apology, and his explanation made sense,” said Szak’s mother. “I was an art major in college, and I still have the scars.”