Long-Awaited American Institute of Soup Sciences to Open Soon

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by Dash Phillips
Freelance Writer

For-profit education corporation Raycore, Inc. has embraced the adage “Soup is good food” and has taken it one step further, hoping that soup is good business, too. CEO Ray Williams announced today the establishment of the American Institute of Soup Sciences.

“We are so proud to be moving forward and to be finally giving soup the academic attention it deserves,” he said from the podium of Campbell Hall.

In explaining the organization of the Institute, Provost Carter Lipton shared the foundation of the academic programs.

“The core curriculum will include instruction in consommés, broths and stocks. Electives will include Vegetarian Soup Studies and a year-long survey course entitled ‘From Stone to Powdered: A Human’s History of Soup.’ Most of the courses will lead to a BS in Soup Sciences,” he added.

New courses of study will also be developed. Lipton provided a glimpse of the innovative soup-related programs to come.

“A unique program at the Institute will be the Bachelor of Arts in Soup Psychology, focusing on the tremendous creative and cultural impact soup – as a primary comfort food – has had on society. Soup evokes many emotions – we know that. Understanding that impact through study and research is the key,” Lipton offered.

Antonia Progresso, Chair of the Foundations of Soup Department, also shared the Institute’s modern approach to the curriculum.

“Right now, our programs will focus on soup basics, however, we’ll be developing new courses and degree programs. Already in the works is our BS in Sustainable Soupery which will focus on Gazpachos, Vichyssoises, as well as other soups that require little to no energy or electric to create,” she said. “We are standing on the leading edge of eating at the Institute.”

In addition, the Institute plans a multicultural focus.

Dr. Sergia Knorr, Director of Multicultural Affairs and Programs, was pleased to explain the Institute’s multicultural plan. “Clearly, we’ll expand people’s traditional definition of soups to include rich French stews, spicy Mexican chilis, and tortilla soups,” said Knorr. “We plan to reveal a veritable kaleidoscope of curricular and co-curricular soup expressions that welcome one and all.”

This is not their first venture into the specialty foods education market. Two years ago Raycore opened its highly respected graduate student-only Dessert University which awards the MFA and Doctor of Arts degree in Dessert Artistry.