College Bans Employee Dissatisfaction

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by Brody Truce
Senior Staff Writer

Each May, employees at Carter College receive an annual Employee Feedback Survey. The evaluation, which contains nine pages of questions about a wide range of work-related issues, is used to help college leadership with staff development and strategic planning processes for the upcoming year.

For years, the college’s Campus Review and Assessment Board has used a familiar five-option Likert scale for the survey:

1. Very Satisfied
2. Satisfied

3. Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied

4. Dissatisfied
5. Very Dissatisfied

This week, the board unanimously passed a vote to remove all options related to dissatisfaction from the evaluation.

Our primary reason for conducting the survey was to curb employee attrition,” explained Dr. Maura London, chair of the Campus Review and Assessment Board. “Our attrition rates dropped below one percent this year, which is a clear sign that people are satisfied with their jobs; if they were dissatisfied, they’d simply resign. We now have an opportunity determine what kind of satisfaction our employees are currently experiencing.”

The updated Employee Feedback Survey, due to be released next Monday will feature five new options:

1. Extremely Satisfied
2. Very Satisfied
3. Really Satisfied

4. Traditionally Satisfied
5. Somewhat Satisfied

Opponents to the decision have cited the country’s faltering economy as the true reason for drops in employee attrition rates, but the board remained unmoved by employee debate. According to London, the board will vote next week as to whether they will continue to offer a “disagree” option on surveys.