Philadelphia University Business School Dedicates Monument to New Big-Picture Educational Philosophy

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by Erica Price
Freelance Writer

All eyes were on Philadelphia University today as a new sculpture was dedicated just outside of the School of Business Administration. Current students, faculty, alumni and friends of the business school gathered to honor Stephen Spinelli, President of Philadelphia University and co-founder of the Jiffy Lube auto service company.

On a beautiful summer day, the gathering was held to dedicate the new sculpture that will adorn the school’s courtyard. The sculpture, created by alumnae Elsa Thornton-Cox (M.B.A. ’10) was presented to P.U. in honor of Spinelli’s revolutionary perspective on business education.

At the dedication ceremony, Thornton-Cox said, “Dr. Spinelli was recognized by national journalists for creating the idea that business leaders should focus on “the big picture.” As one of the school’s first graduates in M.B.A. history to leave P.U. with the ability for big-picture thinking, I thought it only appropriate to offer the proper way to recognize Dr. Spinelli’s contributions.”


Although Spinelli was unable to be reached for comment, the assistant dean of the School of Business Administration, Dr. Rita Carlisle, honored Spinelli’s contributions. “Those of us who thought we had been focused on creative leadership for a while had no idea how wrong we were all this time. President Spinelli’s recognition that organizations can not be successful if its parts do not work together effectively is just groundbreaking.”

Following the ceremony, current students led the group in a book burning ceremony that served to burn all of the textbooks written prior to 2010 for advocating this “narrow thinking” approach. President of the Association for Students in School, Darren Stevens, had important things to say about this aspect of the celebration. “I am a mid-level executive in a company that I don’t want to mention by name. My current managers have no idea what they have been missing. For the first time, business leaders can now know the synergy that can come from not working only for themselves and we have Dr. Spinelli to thank. My boss won’t know what hit him when I come to work after this revelation.”