Math Department Ordered to Eliminate Homework “Problems”

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After a months-long crusade, director of counseling services Whitney Crissman has successfully convinced Stowe College to set a new, more positive trend in math education.

“Instead of doing math \’problems,\’” said Crissman, “students will now complete math \’challenges.\’ We counselors are always looking for innovative ways to make academic life more positive, and we found the word \’problem\’ depressing and negative.”

Professors in the department of math and science are slowly adapting to the change. Physics instructor Dr. Melvin Childer explained “We\’ve had counselors sit in on our classes to correct us if we accidentally assign homework problems. They say they predict fewer numbers of mental health issues if we make this change, even as national statistics show that psychological issues are on the rise.”

What\’s next for the activists?

“We know it\’s ambitious,” said Dr. Crissman, “but we hope to change the word homework to homepractice. Work sounds like something difficult or negative. Practice sounds more fun.”