Staff Appreciation Day is Fun for All…All of the Planning Committee

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by Irma Pelt
Senior Staff Writer


To:       All Staff
From:   Shawna Nielson, Director of Human Resources, Giner College

Staff appreciation day is scheduled for Friday, July 16, 2010 beginning at 8:30 a.m. Please review the information below before arriving at the planned events.

Participation in staff appreciation day is not mandatory; however, it may not be taken as a floating holiday. Though Friday, July 2 would be a fantastic day to extend the long holiday weekend, those who aren’t participating in staff appreciation must either take a vacation day or report to their offices and work as scheduled.

Please note that choosing to not participate and working instead may result in shunning or ostracizing as deemed appropriate by Giner College administration.

Part-time staff members are not permitted to participate in staff appreciation day. They are expected to work as scheduled. The reasoning for this is to make sure our committed full-time staff feel as valued and refreshed as possible, and to ensure that they have no excuse to miss the events in order to “cover the office.” We encourage full-time staff to bring their part-time colleagues the leftover cookies and macaroni salad to show proper appreciation for the coverage.

During staff appreciation day, your offices may be closed if your entire staff is participating. This will lead to faculty and students being inconvenienced for eight hours. Please consider this a perk when you\’re tempted to complain about how much your job blows.

The staff appreciation day committee spent more than 400 working hours putting together this event that includes gratuitous awards that the committee will all win themselves, the traditional lunch of hamburgers (with no vegetarian option), and the staff softball game where someone will inevitably sprain an ankle. Reminder: You cannot claim workers’ compensation for injuries that occur on staff appreciation day.

If you have questions, please contact the elected representative to the staff appreciation committee who serves your area.