On Sale Now: Impenetrable NSSE Safes

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Tired of investing in \”For No One\’s Eyes Only\” rubber stamps? Losing sleep over your fear that someone might read your students\’ responses to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)? Nervous that your campus won\’t live up to your claims when NSSE sends your college\’s survey results to you this week [according to the NSSE Facebook page]? Rest easy with the new and improved NSSE Safe.

The National Survey of Student Engagement measures college student engagement levels in both academic and co-curricular categories. Many colleges collect the data but resist sharing – even internally – for fear that less-than-stellar results could hurt recruitment, fundraising or national rankings.

Rest easy! The NSSE Safe provides the highest level of restricted access for your data. It\’s the first safe marketed with absolutely no keys, no instructions and a 72-digit passcode that expires the first time you lock the safe.

\”I love the new NSSE Safe,\” said Phillip Castile, president of Stockmore College. \”Once I cull the positive responses from the survey, I can keep the rest of the results 100% confidential – just the way they were meant to be.\”

\”Finally, I have a defense against all the nagging staff members who want to use the data for their so-called \’strategic planning,\’\” said university research director Wally Gordon. \”They totally miss the point and the value of this data. Show no weakness! Pointing out our imperfections gets us nowhere. Once the data is safely locked away in the NSSE Safe, I can shrug my shoulders and move on to more important business.\”