Student Super-Leader Erroneously Charged with Public Indecency

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by Erica Price
Freelance Writer

Public indecency charges were brought against Sandusky University student Thomas Spade this morning

G. Hank Farley, Chief of Public Safety at SU, provided details of the charges at the Division of Student Affairs leadership retreat.

“We’ve had several reports of suspicious loitering in the woods adjacent to Dietrich Hall. After setting up a major sting operation, we discovered that the suspect was observed taking off his clothes in the same location multiple times each day,” Farley said.

Spade defended his actions in a statement released by his lawyer.

A hearing will take place next week to determine whether Spade must forfeit his resident assistant staff shirt.

“It’s not what you think,” he wrote. “I’m not a sex offender. I’m an over-involved student.”

Spade’s lawyer, Eadie Ghering, defended her client’s behavior.

“He was changing his polo shirts,” Ghering said, producing a duffel bag of embroidered shirts as evidence.

The university was able to confirm that Spade participated in multiple staff trainings and student organizations concurrently. Payroll unearthed that Spade had been hired as a resident assistant under the name “Thomas Spade,” enrolled in LeaderShape as “Tom Spade,” worked as orientation leader “TJ Spade,” and was most recently hired in the fitness center as “T. Joseph Spade.”

“Thomas suffers from Saved By the Bell syndrome,” Ghering said, referencing the popular 1980s sitcom.

“Every student in that show took on too much. You remember Jessie Spanno? She was a cheerleader, the student council president, on the volleyball team, in a female vocal group, and spent her summers working at a resort. These are the type of role models that young Thomas had,” said Ghering.

Residence life director Fiona Callahan was horrified at the allegations against Spade.

“It’s always been important to us that our resident assistants focus on this position and make it second only to academics. This guy has a lot of nerve. As far as I’m concerned, the fitness center can have him,” Callahan said.