VMAs Herald Awkward Return of #SACHAT and CronkNews Staffs

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The Very Elite Educational Media Awards made history this week when the head writers of The Cronk of Higher Education made a reluctant return to the stage.

“Obviously, we were nervous after what happened when we won our award last year,” said senior writer Irma Pelt, “but we couldn’t let that stop us.”

Viewers of last year’s VeeMAs watched in horror when student affairs administrator Jeff Lail stepped onto the stage after was announced as the winner of the heralded Rookie of the Year prize.

“I’ll let the CronkNews staff give their acceptance speech,” said Lail, “but we all know Twitter’s #sachat is the king of all elite educational media.”

“We were humiliated,” admitted CronkNews editor-in-chief Leah Wescott. “Everything Jeff said was true. The #sachat admins, Debra Sanborn and Tom Krieglstein, dominated us in every way. They have 3000 more Twitter followers than us, and their weekly chat sessions are beloved by the higher ed community. We just seek attention by making fun of all of them. We suck.”

Sanborn and Krieglstein were gracious about their loss.

“CronkNews is fun,” said Sanborn. “I don’t need a golden statue, and Tom does what he does because he wants to build a higher ed family. We embrace everyone in that family – even people who don’t deserve it.”

As the CronkNews Three took the stage, Brody Truce introduced a new song he’d written.

“We call this tune ‘The Taylor Swift Factor.’ It’s dedicated to Deb and Tom so they’ll keep letting us ride their coattails.”

[Editor’s Note: Sanborn and Krieglstein will be honored this October in a special appreciation week. We encourage you to join their family at They deserve every bit of recognition they receive and we bow to the masters. Also, we have no intention of giving back our fake award.]