Scientists Unravel the Optical Illusion of Average-Girl-Hotties on Tech Campuses

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In high school, this test subject scored as "cute" on the scientists' attractiveness meter. At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she measures as "a smokin' fine hottie."

Imaging scientists have released new data confirming what many have believed intuitively for years: Women look prettier at technical schools.

“I always thought of myself as average in high school,” said Floria Siket. “Then I came to Cal Tech, and I was a hottie. I could never explain the phenomenon, and I’m thrilled to have validation from real scientists.

The April issue of Math & Science Monthly will show a 27% average increase in attractiveness of female students at technical colleges, with an aggregate of women from a variety of ethnicities and attractiveness levels.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of work to be done,” said social scientist Marnie Chow. “When these women leave their campuses, their attractiveness falls back to normal levels, and American bigotry against imperfection returns. We hope science can find ways to make the optical illusion work in other places, like discotheques and Starbucks.”