Millennial Student Involved in Accidental Apology

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"I was always a l little more worried about Therese," said her mother. "I tried to help her learn she was special, but now she's just making a fool of herself."

Campus authorities at St. Wesley’s College in Minnesota were put on alert when reports leaked out that sophomore Therese Biegler may have accidentally apologized for a mistake.

According to reports, Therese was meeting with Professor Maggie Chrishnal and told the teacher that she took responsibility for her failure to fully research her thesis and proofread her final paper.

“I immediately called the counseling center and walked Therese there myself,” Professor Chrishnal told campus police. “As soon as I heard her say ‘I’m sorry’ I knew we were in crisis mode.”

“Earlier in my career, students behaved like Therese and we considered it normal,” said a counselor. “Now, we know modesty and appreciation of criticism are clear examples of aberrance.”