Goth Chick Is Super Duper Psyched for Halloween

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"I can't wait for Halloween next week," said Chéla on her way to her work study job.

Southern Arizona College sophomore Chéla Parsons is super excited about her Halloween costume this year.

“My mom finally sent my outfit this week,” said Parsons. “It’s all black, and I’m going to wear my new Ebony Forest eyeliner. I just have to decide which lipstick to wear – Coal Smear or Death Becomes Her.”

“We can’t wait to see [Chéla’s] outfit,” said freshman Gabe Judman, a member of Southern Arizona’s growing vampire role-playing club. “She’s been talking about it since we came back from the summer. I wonder if I’ll recognize her.”

“I love Halloween,” said Parsons. “In this society of conformity, we can encourage people to break out of their comfort zones. Last year I had a totally rad black witch’s dress.”