Campus Takes Aggressive Steps to Improve Adjunct Recognition

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"A is for Adjunct!" says Cramer College's committee to improve staff recognition.

After numerous attempts to improve ratings in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s employee satisfaction reports, Cramer College has decided to focus on faculty concerns.

“Through a self-study, we’ve found that our adjunct faculty feel that they aren’t recognized for their work,” said Cramer human resources director Abigail Jobes. “We listened, and we’re taking aggressive action to improve recognition.”

Starting next Tuesday, all Cramer College adjunct instructors will be tattooed with a magenta letter A.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” said administrative assistant Josephine Quino, who also serves as chair of the staff relations committee. “It’s like getting a permanent A for effort! We haven’t talked to adjuncts about the idea, but we just know they’ll love it.”

“We’re all about recognition. From now on, students will be able to recognize who the adjuncts are without having to take the time to talk to them,” explained Jobes. “Even people off campus will recognize which staff are adjunct. There is no place on earth people won’t recognize our adjuncts–except maybe a school for the blind. They have always fallen behind in best recognition practices.”

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