Staff Member Insulted by Recent Promotion to “Custodian”

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Pro-Downey protestors tipped over trash receptacles around campus. "We'll remind the president who the real custodians are," said one social justice activist.

Midge Downey, the director of social justice at Portand Tech, resigned unexpectedly last week. Conflicting reports reveal Downey may have been offended by a new job title she received after a recent promotion.

Allegedly, the president of Portland Tech added responsibilities to Downey’s job description and wished to compensate her with a salary increase and new job title. Human resources documents reveal a recent presidential request for a significant salary increase and a new “Custodian of Fair Practices” title for Downey.

“I can’t believe he wanted to call me a custodian,” said Downey in a private interview. “It’s his way of keeping me down because I’m a woman. Of all the injustices! Clearly he thinks my job is menial.”

“Here she is, working to earn respect for all members of our community, and she receives the supreme insult,” said a colleague and friend of Downey. “Custodian? It’s horrible. She hasn’t done her own housekeeping in years.

The president will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the controversy as soon as facilities management staff clean up the campus quad, which was littered with flyers, candle wax, Starbucks cups and candy wrappers by pro-Downey protestors.