Association of Retired Student Educators Publicly Denounces WikiLynxx

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by Evan Brews
Freelance Writer

In light of recent information leaked by the controversial website WikiLynxx, Catherine Harrison, president of the Association of Retired Student Educators, released a statement denouncing information shared by Stephen LeClair and WikiLynxx.

“Information shared by WikiLynxx could further tarnish the image of academic affairs,” noted Harrison. “Tensions should still be considered high and all efforts will be made to ensure that silos of exclusion continue to exist.”

When asked about the new statement from ARSE, WikiLynxx founder Stephen LeClair further assured that the released documents, which indicate a positive relationship between scholars and academics, are credible. Citing information found within the documents, LeClair noted several instances of academic affairs administrators heaping praise upon student affairs administrators in closed door meetings.

“While difficult to believe, we have credible evidence that both sides have shared a hearty guffaw over the absurdity of new campus policies,” said LeClair.

Stay tuned to CronkNews for more information as details become more clear.