College Presidents Kick Off Black History Month with Inspiring “Some of My Best Friends Are Black” Speeches

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President Manners enjoys telling students in his global leadership class that "Remember the Titans" is one of his favorite movies.

Campus Black History Month programs have begun, and white college presidents are passionately supporting the diversity celebrations through the age-old art of story telling.

Inspiring excerpts include:

…When I was in college, I played varsity squash and there were two black guys on my team. We sometimes rode the bus together, and it taught me that there was no way I could possibly be racist…”
White President of Liberal Arts College

…and my grandparents were the first people in their town to hire African American employees, which taught me everyone is the same and has the same opportunities as long as I was around to make everything better…”
White President of Public Flagship Institution

…One of my college roommates was from Jamaica. We were the best of friends. That’s why I’ve started my annual ‘International Lunch Day’ at every campus I\’ve worked for. It promotes real dialogue and understanding…”
White President of Metropolitan Arts School