News and eHarmony to Observe Conference Placement

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by Hannah Q. Scott
Freelance Writer

“It’s exactly like finding a life partner. I met my once-a-year conference mate at the same social where I met my new employer – it was a two-for-one match!” said Arnold Schwartz.

Press Release:

Executives at and eHarmony will send representatives to higher education job fairs OPE, TPE, and ACPA placement this year to learn ways to improve match-making.

Ruth Stern from stated, “Those student affairs folks really know how to hook people up with each other. People submit their résumés, spend 30 minutes at an interview table in a huge room full of hundreds of other people and matches are made or discarded at a rapid pace. We could stand to learn something about this process to help our website.”

eHarmony director of development Annie Connoly said, “We figure that placement is the original speed-dating situation and we’d like to observe the ‘mating’ rituals of student affairs professionals in their natural habitats. We also plan to attend socials to get the hang of what people are looking for in employer/employee matches. Finding new employees is very similar to starting a new relationship.”

Park State University’s Director of Human Resources for Student Affairs Arnold Schwartz, when asked about the dating sites’ attendance at these annual job recruitment events said, “It’s about time. Everyone in student affairs knows that we are the best at dressing up, talking to others about our strengths and weaknesses, assessing our past experiences and then seeking a match for our skills and needs. It’s exactly like finding a life partner. In fact, I met my once-a-year life partner at the conference social where I met my new employer – it was a two-for-one match!”