Faculty Eulogizes Wellness-Obsessed Colleague

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Listed among the highlights of Briguette's career was "Perfect Attendance at Meditative Yoga Class."

Thirty professors at the Norfolk Arts Institute eulogized Karina Briguette on Saturday in a twelve-minute memorial service commemorating their faculty colleague’s many accomplishments.

Karina always left work precisely at 5:00,” said Dean George Frish. “She took wellness very seriously, and reminded us to get eight hours of sleep every night, just like her.”

Karina wasn’t driven by work, or family, or hobbies or passions,” said a faculty coworker. “She did enjoy stretching during office breaks and that was nice.”

I don’t think Karina ever traveled beyond the borders our county or explored anything interesting,” said a staff member from the local vegan market. “She thought it was very important to take time for herself and bravely protected her ‘me’ time. It’s a shame she died before she actually did anything.”

Students were also touched by Dr. Briguette’s life example. Student Senate representative Bobbi Providine talked about her admiration as “truly inspiring. We used to ask professors to help with programs – sometimes at night or on a weekend, but Dr. Briguette never assisted. She was a true role model for taking care of her own wellness. I wish I knew more about her, but her commitment to self-care was a lesson in itself.”