Geeky Prospective Student Devastated by Bryn Mawr April Fool’s Hoax

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by Brody K. Truce
Senior Staff Writer

"Why do I wear black all the time?" asked Lester. "Ask Bryn Mawr."

Last week, Bryn Mawr College’s April Fool’s-timed hoax press release stated that the liberal arts institution had partnered with an extraterrestrial research university, the Bithnian University of Science and Technology.

I was so excited when I saw the press release,” said prospective student Ruthie Lester. But excitement quickly turned to disappointment when her high school gym teacher told her the press release was nothing more than a hoax.

I was so sure it was real. They made a website and there were even pictures of the aliens. And the story ran in the Huffington Post, so I was sure it had to be real.” Lester went so far as to call her roommate to discuss what earthly provisions they would take on the space ship. “I’ve been drawing Manga stories about opportunities like this since I was a kid.”

“Now I’m rethinking my choice to attend Bryn Mawr,” said a dejected Lester. “This was far more disappointing than finding out Google Motion wasn’t real.”