Student Sues Over Loss of Campus Snack Bar Job. Stands by Refusal to Make Concessions.

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Karina shows her lawyers how much more popular she is on Facebook than the students who make concessions.

Attorneys for Grandfield University college student Karina Noone have announced that Noone is suing her campus work study supervisors for violating her civil rights.

Noone claims her position in dining services originally met all of her expectations.

“I was a cashier at the trendy cappuccino bar on campus,” said Noone. “Then they told me I had to help cover shifts at the football stadium’s Dippin’ Dots stand during home games. That is not what I signed up for.”

“Karina was a great employee and we didn’t think she’d react the way she did to the change,” said Director of Dining & Catering Stuart Peters. “I thought I could reason with her, explaining that during our busiest weekends we all make concessions. That’s when she shrieked, pulled out her cell phone and called a lawyer.”

“I was brought up with strong moral values,” said Noone, whose father is a negotiator for the NFL Owners Association and whose mother is a Tea Party activist. “I have never made concessions and I never will.”

“We may have made a huge mistake when we tried to explain to Karina that, technically, our coffee bar is a concession stand,” said Peters. “Now, she’s added defamation of character to her list of charges. Her father says she’s prepared to let the case drag out for years.”