Society Page: NASPA Sends ACPA on Honeymoon Alone, Leaves ACPA Stuck with Deposit

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by Dexter Woodlawn
Freelance Writer

After being left at the altar by the National Association of Student Personnel Association (NASPA), the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) is now stuck going on the planned honeymoon alone, despite a promise from NASPA that they “could remain good friends.”

NASPA recently made the decision to pull out of the associations’ agreement of a 2014 joint conference. Traditionally the joint meeting has taken place every 10 years, but was moved up on the schedule from its original 2017 date in order to coincide with the possible merger of the two organizations. However, earlier this spring the merger was denied by the voting membership of NASPA and the wedding bells stopped ringing.

There are still hopes for a coffee date at the regularly scheduled 2017 Joint Conference, but with NASPA making all the decisions in this break up, ACPA was left with a “we’ll call you” letter ( According to insiders, things just seemed to become too big, too real and happened too fast for NASPA. They need some time to think about it before seeing ACPA again.