Scholars and Fans Sought for More Fitting Satire Resource

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Staff at The Cronk of Higher Education, who are hosting the first-ever National Satire Month celebration, learned quickly after launching their campaign, resources were limited.

“We knew we were going to provide a bare-bones wiki of satire resources but when we posted a calendar of notable events and birth dates, we learned that the only satirists in the world are white guys,” said Leah Wescott, editor of “Since half our writers are female, we wrongly assumed that women are funny and smart. Good thing we learned otherwise before we credited women like Tina Fey, Wanda Sykes, Irma Pelt and Beth Littleford for significant humorous accomplishments.”

“Unfortunately, we work in education so the pressure of political correctness can’t be ignored,” said Cronk senior writer Brody Truce. “We can’t fire two of our three head writers even though we probably should since we found out women aren’t capable of a job like that. Instead, we’re going to have to create a resource wiki that includes not only more women, but more diversity in general. That way we can make it look like we really believed that politically correct stuff.”

“We know we’re not up to a task like that,” said senior writer Irma Pelt. “We’re going to have to recruit volunteers who are willing to say with a straight face that people other than white men are funny. Good luck with that one.”

Volunteers willing to contribute tiny or huge commitments to build a wiki worthy of National Satire Month are desperately needed and begged to contact