Committee Debate Over Preposition Reaches Supreme Court

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"Things got really ugly before the state supreme court hearing," said Neumann. "Some things were said that can never be unsaid."

Members of the Aesthetic Policies Committee at Khoe College will present opposing arguments to the Supreme Court next Monday in hopes of reaching a definitive conclusion to a years-long debate.

The acrimonious conflict began four years ago when the committee drafted a 150-page report about the need for two additional square feet of ivy on the east side of the main administration building in order to add aesthetic symmetry to the campus’s administrative quad.

The report was one of the best documents I’ve ever read,” said Virginia Neumann who chaired the 11-member committee. “Friction started when two committee members couldn’t agree on whether to submit the report ‘from’ the committee or ‘by’ the committee.”

It’s incredibly important,” said Kristie Minnett, instructor of social philosophy, who requested “by.” “I want it to be clear that we put our hearts and souls into writing the document. I wrote it. I didn’t just hand it in.”

It’s more proper to use ‘from,’” said journalism professor Jack Butler, the leader of the “from” coalition. “It’s a better match with most grammar style guides. “We should really show a proclivity for proper English.”

Supporters aligned with either Kristie’s core values or Jack’s grammatical logic, and I abstained from voting,” said Neumann. “We took our debate to our peers, but faculty senate could not reach a clear majority vote.”

The case followed proper channels through local, regional and state courts, with each side winning twice but each by/from appeal has been accepted by the higher courts.

It’s a shame,” said both Minnett and Butler in separate interviews. Both professors agreed that the contents of the report would ultimately serve the campus community in a significant way.

When asked what the detailed recommendations in the report, neither was could remember.