Poetry: Because I could not Stop for Calc

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by Freelance Poet Jeffrey Ross
Special Thanks to Emily Dickinson—
“Because I could not Stop for Death”

Because I could not stop for Calc–
He kindly mastered me–
The Future held but just Ourselves–
And endless Tutoring.

I merely Groaned, he knew no haste–
And I had put away
My weekends, and Vacations too–
For his Derivatives.

We passed the Lab, where students Forged
Ahead with Mentored poise–
We passed the Graphs of rising Pain–
We passed Equations shunned.

Or rather, Calc tasked us–
The Annulus grew and grew–
For only Spider-webs my mind–
Exponential functions filled.

We paused before a course that Gleamed–
A pre-req humbly found–
The Outcomes scarcely doable–
My Textbook weighed Twelve pounds–
Since then four Semesters, and yet each–

Feels shorter than that Term
I first surmised the Calculus–
would never set me Free.