Work Study Student Rudely Interrupted During Most Awesome YouTube Ever

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"People just want instant gratification these days," said Mathers. "It's so rude."

Abraham Martin College student worker Ruby Mathers was rudely interrupted at her receptionist job in the Campus Information Center when she was trying to watch a video of an adorable kitten.

People have no manners anymore,” said Mathers. “My friend sent me this awesome video of a kitten playing with a shoebox and some asshole at the front desk wouldn’t wait until it was over before interrupting. He wanted directions to a room anyone else in the building could have pointed out.”

The campus hasn’t decided whether or not to charge me with incivility,” said Ramsey Craven, the student alleged to have interrupted the student worker. “I feel awful and I’d like a chance to apologize to Ruby.”

According to Craven, Mathers was working her shift at the front desk with one earbud in and one earbud out, which he wrongly assumed to mean that Mathers was available for questions.

After I interrupted, I realized she was watching the most awesome kitten video ever,” said Craven. “I’ve seen it like fifty times myself. She tried to watch it again when I walked away, but it’s not as great as when you see it the whole thing through from start to finish. She’ll never get that moment back.”

When asked about the earbud policy taught at training, Judy Robocks, the director of the Campus Information Center, shrugged.

Excuse me?” said Robocks. “I’m not sure what training you refer to.”