Professor Writes Passive-Aggressive FB Post about How Much She Hates Passive-Aggressiveness

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"Gwyndolyn's posts are so thought provoking usually I need time to reflect on each one," said graduate intern Jonas Gomez.

Assistant Professor of Interpersonal Communication Gwyndolyn Hulse made a profound statement this morning, announcing to the world that passive-aggressive communication is unproductive and divisive.

Via her Facebook wall, Hulse said, “Someone – and they know who they are – needs to learn how to quit making faces at me in staff meetings.”

According to her students, Hulse has earned a reputation for being a gifted armchair philosopher and perhaps even the social conscience of her generation. Her Facebook wall posts include such sage observations as:

This grocery store needs to go to Aisle 9 and buy itself a mop. Blech.”


People who are mean are mean jerks. Thank you very little.”

My signature tag has always been ‘If you agree with me, repost,’” said Hulse, who has also been known to add literary flourish with, “I already know which ones of you will repost this.”

Hulse, who earned her PhD in cognitive physiology has won awards for her research on sophisticated cerebral functioning in relation to communication skills. She is currently a finalist for a two million dollar grant to study the impact of empathic human metacommunication.