University Enlists Theater Department to Cast Internal Job Searches

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"Patrice's monologue 'Where I'll Be in the Next Five Years' had our search committee in tears," said interviewer Brad Yeats.

Staff at Sunshine State University in Boca Raton have enlisted the help of faculty and students in its Theater Arts Department to cast the roles of candidates for internal job searches.

We were at our wit’s end trying to prove to human resources that we hadn’t rigged searches,” said Matthew Pitt, an administrator in religious life. “We couldn’t help it if only one or two candidates met the very specific qualifications we’d listed, but there’s no way we want to re-open the searches and drag them out even longer. Thank goodness we read about our struggling drama department.”

With the decline of the economy, creative arts departments have seen a decline in both their attendance at shows and philanthropic donations. Quincy Favreau, chair of the department wrote a press release asking for support of the arts. Pitt saw the plea and jumped into action.

We’ve been able to hire and train actors to interview for a variety of roles on campus,” said Pitt. “They help us meet our recruitment quotas for HR and in return they’re gaining valuable career-building skills, not just in acting but résumé development and interviewing.”

We’re considering offering these theater student an academic credit similar to an internship,” said Tina Mickelson from career services. “Feedback from their performances has been overwhelmingly positive. In one situation a search committee almost accidentally hired a phony candidate for an executive leadership job.

I still think she was the most qualified dean candidate we’ve talked to in years,” said Pitt.