Staff Wraps Up Invigorating Retreat Discussions about What They Should Be Doing

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“This year they bought us Daniel Pink’s new book,” said one excited participant. “One of these days I hope to read it. I’ve heard it’s fantastic.”

In anticipation of another challenging academic year, the administration from St. Rutherford’s College (SRC) met to discuss best practices in higher education.

I always look forward to our staff retreats,” said Sophie Kaling from SRC’s academic advising office. “We spend the whole day imagining what the college would be like if we all adapted cutting edge practices. It’s like a day off from all the real stress of our jobs.”

The staff is so creative and productive we always run out of time before we get to the part where we come up with ideas to make our vision a reality,” said Vice President of Student Support Randi Jacques. “It’s so affirming to see how passionate the staff is year after year. I’d bet my salary no other school in the country has such innovative administrators.”

Sometimes I wish we’d spend some time developing concrete ideas,” said Director of SRC Assessment Clarissa Winger. “Then I look at the numbers and I’m thrilled to see that we’ve maintained 100 percent attendance at the retreat eleven years in a row. This dedication is unprecedented.”

I wouldn’t miss it,” said Vlad Ditrick from the student leadership and ethical involvement office. “We get a killer lunch off campus and a free bestselling book about leadership. One of these summers I’m going to catch up on the last five books. I’ve heard they’re the best ones on the market. After the annual retreat, I’m always reminded of why I feel such pride about this place.”