Newest Trend in Administrative Fashion: iPad as Accessory

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Assistant Dean Carrie Goodwin gets fitted for her shiny new iPad. “It really brings out my eyes,” said Goodwin when she looked in the mirror.

College administrators from around the country are sporting the newest trend in higher education fashion circles: the iPad.

I saw our Vice President with an iPad at a meeting and everyone looked so jealous,” said Director of Cultural Relations Camilla Roué. “I knew I had to have one, too.”

It’s kind of a pain compared to my old legal pad in terms of taking notes at meetings, but it’s just so cool to carry around,” said Associate Dean of Services Norman Chalmers. “My younger staff tell me they have a lot of interesting uses for iPads, but they don’t realize these aren’t toys. They’re for seasoned professionals. I don’t want someone seeing my junior staff using these and thinking we spent our budget money so irresponsibly.”

I use mine to check email during important meetings,” said Vice-Provost Frannie Whiggums. “That’s when I’m not playing Angry Birds. I have to keep up with what’s hip, you know, so I can stay in tune with our students’ interests. This is an innovative way for all of us to learn physics.”

I hope these don’t go out of style too soon,” said Roué. “I had some colleagues trying to teach me about so-called ‘apps’ that would help me improve my job performance and it just took the fun out of it.”

It’s just like the iPhone I had my office buy for me a few years ago,” said Chalmers. “I didn’t want to clutter it up. I like to keep things simple – just calls and occasional texts. Then everyone wanted to make things more complicated than necessary and I got rid of it as soon as I could.”