Administrator Announces She’s Heading Down to the Meeting

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by Anselmo Watkins
Freelance Writer

“It’s probably good for me to know where Erin is every second of the day,” said administrative assistant Karen Carolina. “Just in case there’s ever a prospect development crisis, I’ll know whether she’s in her office or in the room down the hall.”

Erin Maier, director of prospect development at Bristol University in Connecticut, announced to her assembled office staff Thursday that she was “heading down the hallway for our meeting.” She then left the office and walked slowly but purposefully to Conference Room 1-165 for the bi-weekly departmental staff meeting, just as she has on alternating Thursdays for the past seven and a half years.

“I’m on my way down,” she announced to no one in particular before shutting the door and walking down the hallway.

“We’ve been having these meetings every other Thursday at 2 p.m. since 2005, and every single time she gets up and announces she’s ‘heading down’ to the meeting,” prospect researcher Clyde Bandage said. “It’s as if she thinks we’re going to forget or maybe that we just aren’t going to show up.”

The announcement followed a similar decree earlier in the day in which Maier told long-time administrative assistant Karen Carolina that she was “wandering back to my office,” after spending the first 15 minutes of the day chatting with her staff.

She was later overheard telling Mary Dupont, her best friend that she never sees outside of work, that she was going to “dig in to those emails” that had accumulated overnight.