HigherEd Poetry: A Dean Came Down the Walk

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by Jeffrey Ross, Parody Poet
Special thanks to real poet Emily Dickinson


A Dean Came Down the Walk

“…he drank a Moonbucks
from an eco-friendly cup…”

A Dean came down the walk–
He did not take the call–
A VP’s slot was open
But he’d wait until the fall,

And then he drank a Moonbucks
From an eco-friendly cup–
Then slipped into his Jaguar
To start the motor up–

He glanced with sun-glassed eyes
That hurried campus wide,–
Scanning like radar, I thought–
Was the President outside?

Like some to a stranger; courteous,
They offered him the job
And he rolled up his windows
And drove him quickly home–

Then trustees trim the benefits,
Too pricey for a raise–
Or faculty, on committees
Creep, cashless, as they squirm.