Register Now for Rube Goldberg Webinar on Committee Efficiency!

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"We spent 90 percent of our webinar budget up front to hire the perfect logo designer," said "Isn't this adorable?"
“We spent 90 percent of our webinar budget up front to hire the perfect logo designer,” said “Isn’t this adorable?”

Registration opens tomorrow morning for the Rube Goldberg webinar to improve campus committee efficiency.

We’ve been planning this webinar for years,” said host Jenkins Young. “We went back and forth about whether to call it a seminar, a workshop or maybe even a web workshop-slash-seminar. These are tough decisions – just like campus committees have to make every day. We thought we could model the very process we’re teaching.”

We included everyone we could think of who might have an opinion on the 1-hour session just to make sure we covered every single detail,” said co-host Marion Underwood. “We’ve made them all panelists in the presentation and made sure each speaker has exactly 23 and a half seconds to speak, just to be fair.”

Participants can print off a PDF of the registration form and mail us a blank check,” said Young. “We’re still working out the details of how much to charge, but we know it should be somewhere in the ballpark between $5 and $230.”

Once everyone is registered, we’ll pick a date for the program,” said Underwood. “Some people think it should be in the fall. I personally think the spring is better. Another member still isn’t convinced we should do it in the interweb because so many things could go wrong.”

Thank goodness we gave ourselves plenty of time to plan,” said Young. “In order to run an efficient conference you can’t skip anything.”