It’s a CronkCon! Join us in Tampa March 5th

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Ready for some cost-friendly, high impact professional development? Want to solve problems with colleagues from different parts of the country and different areas of higher education? Do you like to have fun while you’re getting intellectual?

This March, The Cronk of Higher Education hosts There’s Something Funny About Higher Education, a colloquium for college educators and students to put their left and right brains together in a process called “Design Thinking” to find unique solutions to small and large problems in the ivory tower.

Tampa is the perfect place to spend the early days of March.

The workshop is timed to coincide with our partners from the national American College Personnel Association convention, but is run independently so the group can include regional faculty and students as well. The diversity of the group adds to the quality of the results.

Capped at 15 attendees, There’s Something Funny… provides training, practice and plenty of fun so each participant will have an active role in learning and generating ideas. At the end, each registrant will walk away with a toolkit to replicate the processes learned in order to promote innovation, high morale and a culture of creative action. That’s right, folks. We’re taking this to the world!

There’s Something Funny about Higher Education

   When?  Thursday March 5, 2015, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
   Where?  Tampa Downtown Convention Center – Room 31
   How much?  $50 (You read that right. We don’t get rich at The Cronk. We do good.)

   How do I learn more?  Details about the program and secure registration are located at

For more information, contact