Campus Rejoices. SC Flag Provides Another Chance to Deflect Attention Away from Its Own Racism

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Administrators at Letchworth State University in rural New York breathed a sigh of relief this summer as a national debate over South Carolina’s display of the confederate flag on its state house grounds have given them a chance to deflect attention away from their own racial tensions.

“We’ve contacted the directors of athletics and campus transportation to urge them to announce boycotts of South Carolina as quickly and loudly as they can,” said Human Resources Director Janet Condon. “The tension over our dismal diversity numbers in recruitment of both the student body and faculty was starting to get attention, but this is a great chance to delay action.”

“We were worried that issues of insensitivity on our own campus were going to escalate but South Carolina’s flag issue is such a blessing,” said Director of Public Safety Juanita Condon. “We had hoped that the Religious Freedom Bill legislation in Indiana would have enough traction to keep us on the politically correct side of history, but that issue came and went way too quickly.”

According to Letchworth State’s student Reddit page, racial tension on campus is real and pervasive. Anecdotal reports of faculty bias and peer-to-peer discrimination are regularly featured in posts. Results of Letchworth’s student responses on national engagement surveys support the perception that the general climate is unsupportive of non-majority community members.

“Any opportunity we have to be indignant is an opportunity to celebrate our superiority,” said Letchworth President Frederick Anderson. “I’ve written an inspiring speech to read at convocation next month that will set the tone of how unracist we are for at least the coming semester. That Baltimore trial just can’t come soon enough.”