Student Journalists Mourn Loss of Jon Stewart. “Who Will We Get Our Real News from Now?”

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Writers for The Daily Collegian at Cougar State have planned a week-long retreat this fall to decide how to move forward in their professional development now that their only source of legitimate, democracy-strengthening journalism is leaving the airwaves.

“When Jon Stewart leaves ‘The Daily Show’ we’re going to be left with no role models,” said Editor-in-Chief Melissa Cressley. “Our journalism professors show us old footage of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, but they know there aren’t any modern news writers who actually make our country stronger. What are we supposed to do?”

“I thought it was bad when Colbert retired his political persona. I had no idea things would go from heartbreaking to tragic so soon, though,” said News Editor Wendell Moon. “There is no real news out there forcing us to think critically at political and human issues. All we have is sensationalism disguised as current events when really the news networks are just a poorly cloaked ‘Entertainment Tonight.’”

“What about BBC News? PBS News Hour? NPR?” asked a reporter.

“Ugh. You sound just like our professors,” said Cressley. “Bo-ring!”