Campus Lunch Buddies Compare Healthy Recipes, Swear They’ll Exercise Someday

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lunch comparisonsIn a daily ritual that has lasted for decades, a group of cronies at Valley Heights University known as The Lunchtime Ya-Yas, sat together in the cafeteria during their noon break.

“Oh, that looks good, Dana. What is that – kale?” said campus post office cashier Cindy Forkins.

“It’s Swiss chard,” said Dana Strayed from ID printing services. “I bought it last night on my way home from Dairy Queen. It’s full of antioxidants. Your lunch looks good, too, Maxine. Is that edamame? Oh, by the way, how was your night out with your husband?”

“Oh my gosh, we had the best cheeseburgers and fries I’ve ever eaten,” said Maxine Rosenthorp from maintenance services as her eyes lit up. “I barely got home in time to make my spinach, wheat germ and banana smoothie for lunch today. I forgot to throw in my fat-free natural peanut butter so I brought the edamame for extra protein and fiber. It’s really good for you.”

“Oh, you’re so good at staying healthy,” said Forkins with a sigh. “Next week we should start adding a 30-minute walk to our lunches.”

“Yeah, we really should,” said Strayed. “We could see a little nature while we compare recipes.”

“I just saw one on Pinterest for a tofu melon casserole,” said Rosenthorp. “I just read that cantaloupe has more Vitamin C than oranges!”

“Great seeing you, Ya-Yas! Same time next week?” said Forkins.

“Same time next week!” they all agreed.