Microsoft Unveils Long-awaited “CC The Whole World” Email Feature

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Microsoft shows an example of how the news of a lost earring in a parking lot can be disbursed with a simple CC.
Microsoft shows an example of how the news of a lost earring in a parking lot will be disbursed with a simple CC.

Executives from Microsoft announced the release of a much-anticipated improvement to all of its email systems – the option to carbon copy the entire world. Beta testing has been successful at Mauricious College, which enthusiastically agreed to pilot the feature for faculty and staff. “Globo-CC,” as the service is known, will be available for sale next week.

“I was the first one to test the Globo-CC feature,” said Whitney Canfield, secretary for the modern languages department. “I lost a gold hoop earring in the women’s locker room so I sent out a message to let the campus know. But what if, you know, the earring had been picked up by someone using a guest pass? That message would never get to them. I used Globo-CC and voila! Everyone in the whole world received my message.”

“I was the one who found the earring after Zumba class on Tuesday,” said Magnolia Hampstead, the dean of natural sciences at Mauricious. “When I saw Whitney’s email I was so relieved. I was able to let her know that I had what she was looking for, and the default setting of the updated email program made sure I ‘replied all’ so everyone else in the whole world knew that they could stop looking. What a blessing!”

Mohammed Farid Muchranajan, a sheep farmer from Malasia shared Hampstead’s enthusiasm. “When I saw that that poor woman from the United States lost her earring I was devastated. I looked all over my home and walked twice through my pastures to make sure the earring wasn’t there. When the other woman found the precious treasure, I gave thanks to the heavens for the discovery and to Microsoft for letting me know.”