Student Winner of Anti-drug Poster Design Contest Overdoses

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"We were thrilled by the artistry of the poster winner two years ago," said the dean. "Some year we're really going to have the perfect poster and end this abuse."
“We were thrilled by the artistry of the poster winner two years ago,” said the dean. “Some year we’re really going to have the perfect poster to end this drug abuse.”

Flags are at half-mast today at Publican State University, after junior Scott Dellamer was found dead from an apparent heroin overdose.

“Of all ironies, Scott was scheduled to receive a $200 prize that evening from our Substance Team for Abuse Reduction [STAR],” said Dean of Student Affairs Casper Zambrano. “Scott designed the winning poster for this year’s Put the Hurt on Heroin campaign.”

“We thought the poster contest would be a great way to involve students in our efforts to reduce risky drug use,” said STAR committee chair Gayle Hoeshlein. “We had at least twelve fine arts majors like Scott competing for the $200 so we assumed our substance abuse statistics would drop by at least a dozen students.”

“What really surprises me is that Scott’s death was a surprise,” said Dellamer’s roommate Dwayne Forrester. “Every student who knew Scott was aware of his addiction. He was trying to win the $200 to pay for more heroin.”

“Heroin addiction is on the rise because prescription painkillers are too expensive for many people to afford,” said Publican substance abuse counselor Bonnie Moon. “I keep telling STAR the only way we’re going to be able to help students is to build strong, genuine relationships with them so we can recognize the signs of abuse and intervene early.”

“That sounds like a fantastic slogan for next year’s poster campaign,” said Hoeshlein. “I’m going back to my office right now to type it up.”