Search Committee Successfully Wraps Up 3-month Process to Select Person Everyone Already Knew Would Get It

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search committee doneFlat Mountain College’s Department of Student Services announced Monday that it had identified a successful candidate to be the new assistant director of social marketing.

“Wilda Monk, formerly the interim assistant director of social marketing, enthusiastically accepted our offer and will begin immediately,” said search committee chair Jennifer Quincy. “We did a thorough national search to make sure that we already had the right person in place and we’re thrilled that we were able to fulfill the committee’s charge of just hiring Wilda anyway.”

“The search was very carefully constructed, from start to finish,” explained HR director Jorge Franklin. “It started with writing a position description that matched Wilda’s experience to perfection. Really, who else would have exactly two and a half years of supervisory experience and a minor in Latin? Search committees commonly make the mistake of writing job posts that would attract numerous qualified applicants.”

The search committee
The 15-member search committee spent a full month of preparation reviewing résumés to make sure none of them were as good as the candidate they were already going to hire.

“Once we had the post written, several candidates were flown in for interviews,” said Quincy. “We made sure everyone on the list of interviewers was given an identical list of questions that referred to very specific part of the job that only an internal candidate would understand.”

“It was funny,” said residential education coordinator Margo Fanning. “One of the external candidates had really done his homework and asked us questions about some of the things we assumed he wouldn’t know about. It made him sound like such a know-it-all the interviewers immediately hated him.”

“I’m humbled and blessed to accept the job offer,” said Monk herself. “It’s always a little awkward to go through an interview process as an internal candidate, but I’m proud that the institution I work for has the integrity to do a full search. One of the first things I want to do now that I’m official is to serve on a search committee myself. I’ve asked my supervisor to consider me for the committee that will hire my friend Duncan next semester.”