Well Meaning White Women Speak Out in Solidarity with Hater of White Women

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Social justice advocates from around the country have scheduled a march to protest the termination of Jonathan Higgins, who lost his job a the head of the LGBTQ center at Claremont College after posting on social media that he felt wary of “White gays and well meaning white women.”

“Well of course he does!” said Lydia Flanders, a social scientist at a large Midwestern university. “We white women have good intentions, but it’s impossible for us to recognize all our privileges when we’re out there fighting for equality for others.”

“I’m marching for Jonathan and all the marginalized professionals who have been hurt by us,” said Cynthia Matherson, a graduate student in student development administration who self-identifies as a cis female and prefers the pronoun “she.” “White women are the absolute worst when it comes to using their bleeding hearts in ways that actually hurt the people they’re trying to advocate for. I’ve convinced all of my white cis friends to join me in this march to help educate the rest of the world.”

“Most of my research has been in the area of white female privilege,” said Flanders. “I’m working on a book that will show how women with good intentions are a threat to our democracy. We need to be stopped and this march is an excellent start.”

“I can only hope that white gays start looking in the mirror and taking action in support of Higgins, too,” said Matherson. “Hopefully white women will be the role models they need to be more self-hating so we can all know our places in the oppression hierarchy.”