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Down-to-earth, curious and fun…

You’ll love Leah Wescott.

Seasoned higher education administrator Leah Wescott could never quite follow the rules. She fell in love with college at 18, studied universities in grad school, and adored every job since. But it’s never been enough.

“I want to work at every school in the country. There’s so much to learn! I hope to earn my ticket to a brief tenure at as many schools as possible by offering my most popular training sessions and adapting the concepts to the variety of missions we serve.”

Low on PowerPoint and high on impact, Leah engages audiences personally, and always with a sense of humor. She is, after all, best known as the founder and editor-in-chief of the Cronk of Higher Education, a satirical magazine poking fun at college personnel.

Leah operates under a pen name, but is happy to share her full credentials, on a confidential basis, including:

  • 14 years of supervising high-morale, high-productivity staffs
  • Extensive teaching experience with excellent evaluations (if the most frequent comment of “Leah rocks!” counts as proper assessment)
  • History of innovating programs to meet the unique needs of institutions and departments…and measurable results from those changes just to prove it.

She is an idealist who can help you believe you’ll accomplish the impossible.

Signature Programs for Professionals and Students

For the Pros

1. Hiring, Training and Supervising for Accountability, Success and High Morale

A 3-part workshop to help you predict, prevent and respond to supervisory concerns that can turn toxic.

  • In the Line of Fire: Supervising for success while preparing for the tough decisions
  • Gotta Love ‘em: Working with challenging student and professional staff members
  • We Like Conflict! Creating a healthy culture of discourse and staff development

2. Big Picture Leadership

We often hire staff for their reliability and focus on tasks, but they don’t always understand or know how to focus on bigger-picture goals. The “noble” goals. Despite claims by many that you can’t teach big-picture thinking, Leah can show you a technique you can start using immediately in staff meetings, advising sessions and day-to-day conversation that could change the way you think about leadership forever.

Session Includes:

  • Goal identification strategies
  • The trick to facilitating meetings that put mission first
  • Assessment for a purpose

3. Being a More Interesting and Productive Professional – For yourself and for your students

  • The Trick to Being Good at Everything: Knowing yourself in the context of others
  • The Seventh Sense: Humor and a healthy reconsideration of wellness
  • What to Hide and What to Share: Celebrating yourself as a whole person

For Students

1. Student Development Theory You Can Relate to, Remember and Apply

“Students don’t like theory. They don’t get it.” Whatever! Understanding key developmental concepts can help provide students with a common language to apply to their own growth and their ability to help other students progress through their college experience. The program is heavily story-based, so students can apply their own funny or profound moments of growth to the workshop.

2. Big Picture Leadership

Student leaders often define themselves as detail-oriented or big-picture. Regardless of the preference, you must have both perspectives in order to achieve big goals while also maintaining enthusiasm and morale among groups. With some remarkably simple skills, some practice, and bit of risk taking, your students can become more democratic, happier and more productive than ever.

3. What’s Your Assertiveness Default Style?

In an ideal world, we would all operate with the mature, direct, respectful demeanor we’ve learned from the text books. Unfortunately, we all slip – sometimes in predictable ways. Learn your default mode and ways to steer your way back to your true professional self.

and its sister program…

4. When Assertiveness Doesn’t Work: “Being the Bigger Person”

So you’ve practiced being your most assertive self, but not everyone got the memo. How do you respond when the textbook approach to conflict doesn’t work and you’re confronted by someone completely unreasonable? It’s time to have a secret leadership ace in your pocket.

5. Listening and Problem Solving with Individuals and Groups

Facilitating one-on-one or group problem solving can be frustrating. Whether you’re helping roommates find resolution in a heated conflict, working with a student who’s sorting out a complicated relationship, or helping a student organization reconsider its mission, there are similar skills you can apply to keep the process fair and productive.

6. Cream of the Crop or Cream of the Crap? Marketing Your Student Leadership Experience

You have the experience. Now, learn to speak the language employers want to hear. Whether you have a completed set of search materials or you’re starting from scratch, this session will be helpful in:

  • Developing a resume that stands out from the crowd
  • A one-minute lesson in writing killer cover letters

Suggested *Prices

  • Half Day: $2,000 + travel and accommodations
  • Whole Day: $3,000 + travel and accommodations

*Prices and customized content of programs (fun!) are negotiable, depending on your circumstance.