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If you would like to submit articles to The Cronk of Higher Education, please familiarize yourself with the current content and style of the publication. We get pretty cranky when you don’t.

Content guidelines:

  • Articles must be submitted in .doc format to CronkNews@gmail.com, including your preferred pseudonym and a statement that you agree to our publishing guidelines (printed below).
  • Submissions should be satirical news items of roughly 250 to 400 words.
  • Articles should be timely and relate to issues familiar to most college faculty or staff.
  • Article titles should be able to stand alone as mini humor pieces if possible.
  • Fictitious names, places and institutions should be vetted properly so they do not match or too-closely resemble factual or copyright/trademark-protected names.
  • We expect strong writing in journalistic style. Articles should be cut-and-paste ready. We enjoy editing, but fixing is another story. Familiarize yourself with journalism and good mechanics HERE. Seriously, if you don’t know how to punctuate quotations, you’re not ready for us.
  • We don’t pay – even ourselves. This is a labor of love.

Copyright Transfer Agreement Information

Below are key rights we ask authors to assign to us. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact editor Leah Wescott at Cronknews@gmail.com.

1. You have supplied an original manuscript for inclusion in The Cronk of Higher Education (Hereby referred to as “the magazine”).

2. You agree that the manuscript you have furnished is original and prepared especially for the magazine; that it has not been and is not being registered for copyright and/or published elsewhere; and that you will not release it for any purpose prior to publication of the magazine issue in which it is scheduled to appear.

3. You guarantee that your work does not infringe any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter, and you agree to hold The Cronk of Higher Education as publisher harmless against any claim that may be incurred involving such matters.

4. You grant the editor and the office of the publisher the right to make changes in the article (including its title) for clarity, brevity, and conformity to style. You will be contacted about your contribution before it is set in type only if substantive changes, which the editor will determine, are made in the editing process. You will not receive proofs; the publisher and editor will be responsible for all proofreading of the article.

5. You agree that your contribution will be published, copyrighted, and sold by The Cronk of Higher Education publishers, in its own name or any other name throughout the world, in all forms and editions, including electronic editions. Nonetheless, you may copy or reprint your material provided prior written approval is obtained from and proper attribution is made to The Cronk of Higher Education.

6. If, for any reason, the article is not published, you are free to use your manuscript for any purpose you desire.

7. CronkNews does not pay writers.

Our submission portal is under the weather. Please submit all stories as .doc attachments to CronkNews@gmail.com.