Unsurprising Results in Student Affairs “Most Important Issues in Higher Ed” Survey

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Topping the list for the 26th year in a row...

Each year, the National College Measuring Service (NCMS) surveys student affairs professionals to assess the issues perceived as needing the most attention. Among the items to choose from are violence on campus, student mental health issues and financial aid.

Despite changes in national trends, the results look remarkably like previous years,” said NCMS analyst Joseph Monk at presentation for the American College Personnel Association in Boston. “As usual, the student affairs folks seem to ignore the topics provided and write in their own priorities.”

According to student affairs, the following priorities are:

#5. Work/life balance

#4. Getting respect and pats on the back from campus faculty

#3. Using social media in innovative ways to keep in touch with each other

#2. Making sure there are enough diversity education programs at national student affairs conferences

               and, the most popular response for twenty six consecutive years…

#1. The pet policy for live-in residence life staff