Mounting Evidence Indicates Student Affairs Icon Vernon Wall and RuPaul Are Same Person

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by ZackFord
Freelance Writer


Rumors have long circulated that social justice educator and higher education guru Vernon Wall is actually famed drag persona and actor RuPaul. New evidence has emerged recently showing credible evidence that not only are the rumors true, but the two personas seem to be merging.

Jess Brubaker, a graduate assistant in Bartlet University’s Center for Student Diversity, said she was incredibly inspired by Wall’s recent social justice workshop.

“He was talking about equity and shoes that fit and it just made so much sense!” That was, at least, until Wall ended the presentation by saying, “And remember, don’t f**k it up!”

“I didn’t know how to take that,” Brubaker reported, “but it did make me feel kind of sassy.”

More evidence of RuPaul’s influence was apparent at this year’s ACPA Next Generation conference for undergraduates. In a video message, Wall energetically encouraged participants to have “Creativity! Uniqueness! Nerve! and Talent!” but some were confused when he then entered the room wearing something completely different.


It’s no secret that Wall is a drag aficionado. His own drag persona, Coretta Scott Queen, regularly makes appearances at the unofficial Cabaret event at the annual American College Personnel Association national convention. Some now wonder if the search for comfortable pumps inspired his “shoes that fit” quote.

“The similarities are so obvious, no one ever thought to actually connect the dots,” shared Nancy Evans of Iowa State University, who has worked on many projects with Wall.

An unnamed source at MTV Networks has now confirmed that taping dates for Logo’s “RuPual’s Drag Race” coincided with a notable leave of absence Wall took from the ACPA central office, where he serves as Director of Educational Programs and Publications.

Maura Cullen, another esteemed social justice educator, confirms that many of the lyrics on RuPaul’s Champion album reflect the kind of language Wall uses in his workshops.

“When you hear lyrics like ‘We are the light / You’re never alone / Justify your judgment / Who’s right, who’s wrong,’ you hear the same kind of message that Vernon promotes in regards to understanding diversity, so it’s clearly coming from the same person,” Cullen shared, referring to RuPaul’s song, “Let’s Turn the Night.”

While Wall/RuPaul could not be reached for comment, a spokesperson from the Logo Cable Network did respond to inquiries, saying, “We don’t know what student affairs is or what you’re talking about.”