Dean Hosts Rankism Training for Junior Staff Underlings

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Dean Piattoni sat everyone in a "circle of inclusivity" and lectured for about two hours. Unfortunately time ran out before anyone else in the circle could speak.

Dr. Harvey Piattoni, who has served Lake Huron University for thirty years as as the beloved Dean of Faculty will host a professional development workshop next Thursday for junior faculty and staff.

I’ve always prided myself on offering special opportunities for the underlings,” said Dean Piattoni. “Many of my former staff members have left Lake Huron soon after they were hired, and now they’re deans and vice presidents themselves. I know it’s because I helped empower them to move up the career ladder more quickly.”

Dean Piattoni’s workshop will include topics such as:

  • How to make everyone happy all the time so you don’t feel marginalized
  • How to stay in the same job long enough to consistently earn incremental promotions so you’re no longer junior-level
  • How to swing any way the wind blows in order to please the person above you