Occupied Movement Reaches Campus Restrooms

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by Irma Pelt
Senior Staff Writer

Amidst the press being given to the now-sprawling Occupy Wallstreet movement since September, a smaller protest has gone relatively unnoticed.

Julie Riniker, a librarian at Klingele University, has been locked in the restroom on the fourth floor of the campus library since early October in a protest she calls “Occupied.”

According to her manifesto, scrawled on one-ply toilet paper and submitted to the press by sliding it under the bathroom door, Riniker is hoping to bring attention to the one percent of students who wash their hands after using the restroom before handling library materials.

“We need to address the gross discrepancy that exists between the one percent and the 99 percent. And I use the word gross intentionally,” Riniker wrote.

Unlike other current protest movements, Riniker outlined her demands, which included equitable distribution of hand sanitizer to students and stricter regulation of who is permitted to handle library materials.

Hamilton Martin, dean of the library, said Riniker’s protest was largely unnoticed by students, except those who regularly used the fourth floor bathroom to poop.

“We also received a letter from the airlines complaining about Ms. Riniker’s use of the iconic occupied sign as her protest’s logo,” said Martin.